A Scent That Makes Sense

      Plumeria Essential Oil, Scents vs. Fragrances

Sinergy skin products never use fragrances, instead we use an essential oil made from the plant Plumeria.  Plumeria is a tree whose flowers have a truly wonderful scent, and in addition it often used in aroma therapy.  Plumeria Essential Oil is an anti-inflammatory when applied to the skin. It is an effective anti-oxidant, that is very soothing for dry skin.  Plumeria is also a skin purifier, that both helps cleanse  and moisturize the skin. When used continually the Essential Oil helps makes  the skin resistant to wrinkles caused by aging and oxidation.

We adore both the lovely scent of Plumeria and its therapeutic qualities. You will find Plumeria Essential Oil in our Sinergy4beauty Seven Essential Elements Serum. We know you will love it, as well. 

Other manufacturers use what are called fragrance oils which are synthetically made chemical scent compounds.  These scents can use essential oils, but also contain synthetic aromatic chemicals and aromatic resins.  These by definition  are not 100% natural. Sadly, often the synthetic ingredients are unhealthy chemicals that can damage the skin and can even be carcinogenic. 

WE at Sinergy4beauty will NEVER have these in our products!