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We pride ourselves in using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients in all of our products.

They’re free from controversial ingredients like Parabens, BHA & BHTs, Lead, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or Artificial Fragrances.

Our philosophy of skin care

Sinergy 7 Element Serum optimizes and complements the simplest to the most complex of these skin regiments. Engaging in a skin care routine can be confusing, and disappointing. Sinergy For Beauty makes your skin care simple, rewarding and fun! Sinergy For Beauty believes that the goal of skin care is feeling good, confident and satisfied with your skin.

Sinergy For Beauty strives to make our clients feel good about their skin. Add our 7 Essential Elements to your skin care regiment and feel the healthy benefits. Enjoy our Skin/Self Care Tutorials and Tips and achieve maximum improvement in the overall health of your skin.


You'll Love the benefits of the Sinergy For Beauty products

Take time, morning and night, to care for your skin, with soothing, comforting and healthy practices. Stress impacts skin negatively, so set aside time to relax and unwind. Devoting just ten minutes a day to yourself can easily be added to you skin care routine have extreme health benefits. Ten minutes caring for your skin can be relaxing and meditative.


Don't rush!

Enjoy the journey and the process. Nourish your wonderful skin, treat it well, and it will treat you well in return!

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About Our CEO


Kristen Sperberg CEO


Kristen Sperberg is President, CEO, and Founder of Sinergy For Beauty.

Discovered by Seventeen Magazine, Kristen began modeling at the early age of 15. Soon, over twenty-five worldwide agencies serving the fashion and advertising industries represented her throughout Europe, South Africa, South America, and the USA.

After years of magazine, music video, and runway work, she left modeling to pursue her interests in skin and self care, and to share the beauty secrets she had learned from top experts around the world.

As a licensed Esthetician, she specialized in advanced techniques in skin rejuvenation. Working with some of the top cosmetic and facial care lines and spas in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, she discovered that many beauty products and treatments were ineffective and expensive. Worse yet, some contained harmful chemicals that were damaging to the skin.

Sinergy For Beauty brings Kristen’s best Skin and Self Care products to you at reasonable prices, while still using only the finest, and safest ingredients. All our products are USA manufactured to assure consistent quality throughout our

“Thank you for joining us and allowing Sinergy For Beauty to be part of your daily self care regiment. We know you will love our products, and your skin will love you for using them!”

— Kristen Sperberg, President, CEO